Join us for Emily Anderson’s Looking Up art opening and reception at Farm Table Foundation’s gallery on Friday, July 23. Light refreshments & wine provided.

Emily Anderson

I am a painter of landscapes and a wife and a mom.

I have studied art and been an artist my entire life but hit a creative wall in my late teens. After many years, the need to create started to physically bubble up inside of me again. In 2019, I began to intentionally study painting again. For over a year I practiced and read and devoured all things painting. Then 2020 hit, and with the great fear of the unknown and what was to come, I began painting in earnest. What came out surprised and soothed me; happily, it did the same for others.

My love for the outdoors deeply inspires my artwork; the urge to capture the beauty of endangered areas and sacred spaces within nature is a driving force that keeps me creating.

Quality and accessibility are important to me, and are a common thread in my work as an artist and a small business owner. I paint originals on canvas and then create high quality reproductions of the paintings so that my work can be accessible for all budgets.

I hope that you find something you love here.

In gratitude,