Farm Table’s Ramp Butter

Farm Table’s Ramp Butter May 2021–with thanks to Sarah Mittelstadt, Farm Table’s Chef and Restaurant Manager We’re big on ramps around here: they grow in

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Café Wren

January 19, 2021 – by Stephanie Lundeen, Owner of Café Wren Over the past 17 years, Café Wren has grown into a community of shared

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Gratitude and Resilience

January 19, 2021 – by Laura Phoenix, Farm Table’s Executive Director Happy New Year Farm Table Foundation Family! What a tremendous relief that 2020 is

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Mother's Day with Amy Thielen

Amy Thielen

An excerpt (used with permission) from Amy’s memoir, Give a Girl a Knife: You can generally tell how a woman was raised by the way she

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Thanksgiving: My First Turkey Hunt

I was going hunting for the first time in my adult life. Unlike those times as a a boy when I closely follow my uncle Rog along rural Iowa fence rows as he hunted pheasants, this time I would be carrying the gun.

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