Mother's Day with Amy Thielen

Amy Thielen

An excerpt (used with permission) from Amy’s memoir, Give a Girl a Knife: You can generally tell how a woman was raised by the way she

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Thanksgiving: My First Turkey Hunt

I was going hunting for the first time in my adult life. Unlike those times as a a boy when I closely follow my uncle Rog along rural Iowa fence rows as he hunted pheasants, this time I would be carrying the gun.

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Who Will Grow Our Food?

The frost-encrusted grass crunched underfoot this morning as I went out to open the chicken coop. Hearty birds, they immediately ran around, pecking for insects. My cattle weren’t quite as content. They bellowed, demanding to be moved to fresh grass. “Just hold on,” I hollered as I approached their pasture gate.

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–Sarah Mittelstadt, Farm Table Chef & Restaurant Manager Ingredients Makes 6-8 sandwiches | For rub, braise, and sandwiches 1 – 4-pound goat roast (leg or

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Gazpacho, also called Andalusian gazpacho, is a cold, refreshing soup made of raw, blended vegetables. Popular in the hot summer months, it’s a classic of Spanish and southern Portuguese

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