Gazpacho, also called Andalusian gazpacho, is a cold, refreshing soup made of raw, blended vegetables. Popular in the hot summer months, it’s a classic of Spanish and southern Portuguese cooking. Ingredients 6 ripe tomatoes (about 3 pounds), peeled and chopped (yields about 6 cups) 1 red onion, finely chopped (about 1 1/4 cups) 1 cucumber, peeled, seeded, and chopped (about …

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“I find this samosa recipe utilizes a lot of common staples people have in their homes and is super delicious. You can bake this too, don’t have to fry.” – Sarah Mittelstadt, Farm Table’s Chef and Restaurant Manager Pastry Ingredients 2 cups flour 1/2 teaspoon salt  4 tablespoons oil  4 tablespoons water Stuffing Ingredients     4-5 medium …

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Barley & Lentil Soup

Adapted from Cooking Matters for Parents Ingredients 3 medium carrots 2 medium onions 3 large cloves garlic 4 cups fresh spinach ¾ cup pearl barley 1 tablespoon olive oil or butter 1 teaspoon ground paprika ½ teaspoon ground cayenne pepper 6 cups water 4 cups low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth 1 cup dried lentils 1 …

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