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Lefse Making

with Terry Kelzer
November 17 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
, $10 – $20

Lefse Making: the Norwegian favorite made with mashed potatoes, cream, butter, and flour—rolled out extra thin using special rolling pins and equipment developed over the years to make for a smooth process. Lots of fun for the family!

PURCHASE LEFSE KIT (by Nov. 10)! Support local farmers with this lefse kit, filled with local, organic ingredients: 2 ½ pounds of russet potatoes; 1 pound of butter; ½ pint of cream; 2 ½ pounds of Sunrise Flour Mill flour.

This isn’t quite everything you’ll need for the lefse, but it’s close! Purchase when you purchase your ticket; pick it up at Farm Table in Amery. Cost: $25 (Purchase of a kit is not required to take the class; purchase by Nov. 10.)

A Note about Equipment and Making Lefse at Home:

We usually make lefse together at Farm Table. You can, of course, watch and learn as Terry demonstrates making the lefse. If you are wondering about how to make it at home, and don’t have the specific tools, here are some notes from Terry Kelzer: 1) You can use any griddle capable of even high heat, like a cast iron one on a stove top (just not a modern glass stove top) or an electric griddle; 2) Your usual rolling pin will roll out the dough (but probably not as thin as with a special lefse rolling pin); 3) You could use a spatula, or whatever you might have, rather than the lefse turning sticks; 4) A potato ricer is pretty important. It is not very expensive and is the only way to have 100% lump free potatoes. They run $15 to $25, though it looks like Williams Sonoma is having a special right now for 5.99 for their $25 stainless steel unit.

Terry also wrote that the complete beginner kit is $179.00 for everything from ricers to electric grill rolling pin and rolling boards etc. She buys everything from local company Lefsetime out of Fountain City, WI. Farm and Fleet stores and some Ace Hardware stores also usually carry lefse equipment at this time of year.





  • Date: November 17
  • Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • Cost: $10 – $20
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