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Farm Table Foundation is fortunate to have many small farms dedicated to soil health and nutrient-dense food located in close proximity to Amery. We depend on these partners to source local food products and as inspiration for classes, events and tours. As well, Farm Table Foundation is proud to work with and serve a variety of organizations who value food, farming and community health, including: MOSES, Land Stewardship Project, Amery Medical Center, Amery School District, PowerUp, Polk County Public Health Department, United Way, The Livestock Conservancy, Seed Savers, Native Seed SEARCH, North House Folk School, and others. Thank you for your confidence in us and for your good work.

Wisconsin Farms

The cluster of organic farms near Amery produces nutrient-rich foods and pasture-raised proteins while working to improve the soil, water quality, and local habitat. To the extent these farms grow successfully, there is a direct, correlative impact on the landscape. Farm Table Foundation works to build local demand for these high quality foods because we believe doing so positively impacts community health. We seek a local food culture that understands, values and supports high quality local food for the multiple benefits it brings to this community.

Red Clover Herbal Apothecary Farm

Red Clover Herbal Apothecary Farm provides seasonal CSA herbal shares made of certified organically grown and sustainably wild harvested herbs, hand crafted into high quality herbal botanicals.

The greatest part, they are your local herb farmers, so you get to know where your herbs come from and the farmers that grow and wildcraft them. Plus, the herbal products are fresh and made in small batches. With the fresh culinary herbs, dried teas and other herbal products, they strive to come up with common sense herbal shares that contribute to your health and wellbeing for each season.

During their growing season, you’ll also find culinary herbs at four area co-ops; The Seward Coop, The Seward Friendship Store, the Wedge Co-op and the River Community Co-op in stillwater.

For more information about Red Clover Herbal Apothecary Farm visit

Seasonally Sourced LLC

At a young age, founder, Gil Schwartz tromped around urban Minneapolis and rural Germany, plucking, digging up, and enjoying wild grapes and strawberries, cattails and dandelion, and participating in inspiring demonstrations on turning acorns into bread and maple sap into syrup. Over the years his interest in wild foods became a passion, broadening out to include many other amazing wild plants, edible mushrooms, culinary insects, and game animals. With countless hours harvesting and experimenting in the kitchen with these foods, Gil enjoys eating wild on a near-daily basis and sharing these edibles as often as possible.

Seasonally Sourced harvests with respect, understanding, and gratitude for our ecological communities. They specialize in offering fresh produce at peak ripeness and flavor and take measures to ensure the premium quality of products during every step of the process to provide consistent and professional customer service.

Their Principles:
• Show respect for traditional knowledge and foodways
• Provide safe, quality foods to customers
• Practice sustainable harvesting that allows the land to regenerate and provide far into the future
• Be accountable and give back to our environment and community
• Unparalleled, gourmet, and just downright tasty
• Nutrient-dense and part of an everyday healthy diet
• Grown without the assistance of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and are not genetically engineered (non-GMO)

For more information on Seasonally Source or to place an order today, visit


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LIVING DECORArranging with Houseplant Cuttings, Live Plants, & Flowers with BONNIE WARNDAHL

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6 join Bonnie Warndahl of Winnowburrow Farm in her home—virtually of course—to take a tour and learn about creative ways to “garden” indoors and invigorate your space with flowers and live plants.

We’re open 11 AM-7 PM, Thursday-Sunday, for takeout, take + bake, grab + go, and shopping. We have VERY LIMITED dine-in availability. Reservations are strongly recommended (715.268.4500). All of our programming is online.View our MENUS Here