March 27, 2019 – By Kari Wenger & Peter Henry

Dear Farm Table Friends,

As Farm Table’s founders we want first to thank you. When we opened the Amery Food Hub in 2014, we had passion and a vision, but it was the people of this area who responded and helped make Farm Table a reality; without all of you we would not have made it. Your support is creating a community around local food and a vibrant organization that continues to grow and develop.

Last year nearly 1,500 of you attended our programs:

  • a cooking class with Terry Kelzer, accompanied by her unique mix of humor, cultural knowledge, and vast culinary expertise;
  • art exhibits, including one featuring Amery elementary students, based on field trips to area organic farms;
  • an evening with Dessa, featuring her music as well as a conversation with her mother whose grass-fed beef is featured at our restaurant;
  • a concert at the barn, accompanied by a sunset and a brat made from hogs raised at the farm;
  • a nature illustration workshop, focused on endangered species; or
  • a sausage and jerky making class for all the deer hunters among us.

Also last year, you (and over 24,000 others) joined us for a meal at Farm Table’s restaurant:

  • featuring local food prepared from scratch;
  • much of it nurtured and grown by farmers we know; and
  • all of it organic, which, as we like to say around here, is simply the way all of our great grandparents grew and knew food and also happens to be healthier for the soil, for the water, and for our own bodies.

As founders, we have committed time, creativity, and a lot of resources to bring Farm Table to life. Today, we ask that you join us in financial support of this public charity. For great reasons!

Why support Farm Table?

First, because you understand and support our mission to build a local food culture. You see the ultimate importance of agriculture that builds healthy soil. You understand the value of teaching others the crafts of growing, preserving, and cooking healthy food. You value a restaurant that purchases, butchers, preserves, and cooks organic proteins and produce from local farmers. You want the local economy to expand in this direction.

Second, because you value being part of this community. As founders, we continue to serve as Farm Table’s primary financial support, and we want—more than ever—to leave this mission and work as our legacy. And, the truth is, as a nonprofit, Farm Table Foundation needs to demonstrate broad public support—your financial support—to satisfy requirements of being a public charity. Your donations, whether large or small, will support this work into the future.


Farm Table is participating in the St. Croix Valley’s giveBig campaign this spring: a day to raise funds for and celebrate area nonprofits. Farm Table’s giveBIG page can be accessed here.

Check it out; see and learn more about our work. GiveBIG’s official day of giving is April 30. But you can give now, or anytime between now and then.

You can give through:

Thank you. We are grateful to have a mission to which we can give our whole selves. And we are grateful to you for joining us in that mission in whatever way you are able.

Respectfully yours,

Kari Wenger

Peter Henry
Co-founder and Board Chair

PS: Donate now. Be part of the public support behind Farm Table. Our giveBIG goal is 150 individual donations. Be one of those 150 new donors. Thank you!