November 16, 2019 – by Leslie Svacina

I support Farm Table because of their commitment to local farmers, good food, and purposeful education; I also appreciate the ways they connect us with our community in Amery and greater Wisconsin.

Farm Table has been a wonderful way for Cylon Rolling Acres to share our goat meat in the community. I like to call goat meat the uncommon, yet very common, meat. Folks with family origins in the Middle East, Caribbean, India, Latin America, and southeast Asia often grow up eating goat meat—either as a special dish for family celebrations or as a common ingredient in their kitchen. However, goat meat is not as common for those of us who grew up in this part of the world. Through our partnership with Farm Table, more folks in our area get to enjoy this delicious meat.

One of the things I most appreciate about working with Farm Table is that their restaurant truly honors our livestock through creating thoughtful and flavorful dishes. I raise these animals and diligently care for them from the moment they come into this world until they eventually meet their ultimate purpose: to nourish families. It’s humbling to see the work we do on our farm transcend to the hands who prepare it at Farm Table and then make its way to someone’s plate—in a setting that cares about how animals and land are treated.

Our partnership with Farm Table continues to be a great way to raise awareness about goat meat as well as local farming and farmers. This past month Farm Table and I worked together to recognize Goatober, an international celebration of goat meat. Farm Table’s chef created a special menu item, a “Philly Goat Sandwich,” which complemented the other Goatober educational work I was doing as I could suggest a specific place for folks to try goat. Last year I also partnered with Farm Table to host a visit of elementary school students to my farm.

Lastly, as a farmer, I’m a steward of the land and caretaker of livestock for the purpose of creating food for our community. I’ve greatly appreciated the opportunities Farm Table has provided farmers, like myself, to improve our farming practices, market our products, and network with other like-minded farmers.

More about Leslie: Leslie is the owner of Cylon Rolling Acres, a grass-based livestock farm 10 miles south of Amery, near Deer Park. Leslie runs the farm with the help of her husband Scott and their two young children.

They pasture raise Boer-Kiko cross goats for meat. During most of the year the goats are rotationally grazed. Today, Leslie’s growing herd includes about 40 breeding does.

When Leslie was researching farming opportunities, she discovered a growing demand for goat meat in our region because of our area’s changing cultural makeup. Goat meat can also be challenging to find in the grocery store and, when available, it’s likely been imported as ninety percent of the goat meat in our country is from Australia. Leslie wanted to help families more easily find goat meat, either as a regular meal option or for special occasions.

Individual cuts of goat meat are for sale at Cylon Rolling Acres’ farm store. Whole goat orders are also available seasonally. For more information about the farm, or to place an order, visit