March 24, 2020

Note: we will be in touch with specifics about upcoming classes. Some may be able to be held outside while maintaining social distancing, once it’s warmer; others may be virtual.

Spring is coming–and we have some classes to get you out digging and planting in the soil and to give you ideas about very local food–including raising backyard poultry…all taught by our very own Sal Daggett. See below for brief descriptions and registration links.

Raising Backyard Poultry–Saturday, April 18, 10 AM to 12:30 PM

Learn what it takes to successfully raise poultry in your own backyard! Topics will include: caring for your birds’ basic needs; poultry well-being and at-home remedies for common illnesses and injuries; coop styles and selection. Class includes a hands-on section which will consider different equipment, feeds, and supplements and compare their pros and cons. (Sal will co-teach this class with her partner, Joe. They have over eight years of experience raising chickens and have also raised ducks and geese.) REGISTER HERE.

Backyard Gardening for Beginners–Saturday, May 2, 10 AM to 12:30 PM

Have you always wanted to garden, but don’t know where to start? Afraid you don’t have a green thumb? Maybe you’re just ready to scale up from your potted tomato plants! Whether you just want to grow a salsa garden or you’re ready to replace the entire yard, this class will give you the skills to grow your own delicious local food. REGISTER HERE.

Landscaping with Native Plants, Thursday, May 28, 6 to 8 PM

Native plants provide food and habitat for pollinators, improve soil health, and can be just as beautiful as bedding plants! Choosing the right perennial plants can also create landscaping that persists year after year with a little bit of annual maintenance. This class will explore the basics of landscape design, cover a bit about different native plant collections, and start to make a design for your unique space. We will also touch on specific styles of native landscaping including pollinator gardens, rain gardens, and edible landscaping. REGISTER HERE.

Sal Daggett is in her third year of running Roosterhaven, a sustainable farm specializing in produce, perennial fruits, and poultry. She and her partner Joe, a chef-turned-farmer, market their crops at local farmers’ markets, through a small CSA, and through retail sales on the farm.

Sal has an academic and professional background in biology and education, with focuses on soil science, ecological restoration, and environmental justice. These ideas have informed the way she works with the land, attempting to reflect natural cycles and integrate agriculture into native plant and animal communities.