“Just twenty minutes until dinner.” That is the standard in my mom’s home. Delicious, healthy meals have always been ready in the time it took to cook the rice.

The first hot meal seven-year-old year old Suan learned to cook was stir fry. Why? Because her mother knew that cooking a stir fry teaches basic kitchen skills, demonstrates balance in nutrition, is represented in all types of cuisine, and shows how fast can also be delicious! If your kitchen is stocked with the essentials, and your knives are sharp, healthy becomes easy. By changing just a few ingredients, stir fry can be transformed from West African, to Indian, to Italian, and back again. Tweak a couple techniques and stir fry becomes a stew, a bake, or a soup. Mastering these fundamentals will open up kitchen confidence in you, unleashing creativity.

Join Suan as she walks you through the first meal she learned to cook. Get ready to think differently about food preparation as she walks you through the most important step in ensuring a nourishing meal: ingredient selection. Consider how and why these essential selections affect our economy, food systems, and, most importantly, our well-being. After this class, you will never look at this simple dish the same way. Register for this class here >>
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