Thanks to Marine Mills Folk School for cosponsoring this class with us!

What a year! Get ready for it to end – learn traditional mixology skills just in time for New Year’s and the holiday season. Make it a party – invite your ‘pod’ members to register with you to share the fun and creativity!

Beginning with bartending basics, Aleks will make recommendations on necessary bar tools and alternative in-home substitutions. He’ll cover cocktail techniques including infusing spirits, making simple and flavored syrups, muddling, juicing, shaking, stirring, throwing, building cocktails in a glass, and garnishing. Then the fun part: everyone will be able to make four cocktails using at-home ingredients: the Manhattan, an Old Fashioned, a version of Pisco-sour using egg white or aquafaba, and a fun pineapple, jalapeño (optional), cilantro drink. Aleks will discuss some creative ideas to make a delicious cocktail with whatever is in the kitchen! Along the way, Aleks will share when to use more expensive versus less expensive spirits and the importance of the quality of the bitters and vermouth used in classic cocktails. There will be plenty of time for additional questions, as well. Feel free to just observe or play along and make some or all of the cocktails as we go!

Aleks will combine his extensive bartending career, including running his own mobile bartending service, with his skills as an accomplished musical theater actor in the Twin Cities – the result will be an entertaining and informative class you’re sure to enjoy! Cheers!

If you want to practice your new mixology skills during class, here are the supplies you’ll want to consider having on hand:

Manhattan – brandy or whiskey (whatever is handy), quality sweet red vermouth (Contratto, Carpano Antica, or Dolin works as well), Angostura Bitter or other favorite bitters

Old Fashioned – brandy or whiskey or scotch or tequila, orange bitters, cherry bitters, simple syrup (Aleks will describe how to make simple syrup with honey and water in a microwave)

Pisco Sour – vodka or tequila or natural spirit, lemon or lime juice, one egg white or aquafaba, simple syrup, bitters

Tijuana Pineapple – tequila or vodka or mezcal, pineapple juice or fresh pineapple or thawed frozen pineapple chunks, fresh cilantro or rosemary or basil

LIVING DECORArranging with Houseplant Cuttings, Live Plants, & Flowers with BONNIE WARNDAHL

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6 join Bonnie Warndahl of Winnowburrow Farm in her home—virtually of course—to take a tour and learn about creative ways to “garden” indoors and invigorate your space with flowers and live plants.

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