Caring for and Decorating with Houseplants this Winter

Learn how to establish and care for some easy-to-grow houseplants. We’ll be joining Bonnie Warndahl (of Winnowburrow Farm) from her home—virtually of course—to learn about creative ways to “garden” indoors and invigorate your space with flowers and live plants. The class will include time to talk about grouping plants based on moisture/light needs and colors/textures, as well as propagating houseplants in a way that displays them creatively (both with and without fresh flowers). Bonnie will also go over some unique ways to use vertical spaces. Bonnie will demonstrate some basic tools, supplies, and techniques to help give you a creative edge and a fresh new relationship with plants and flowers in your home.

Bonnie Warndahl is owner/operator of Winnowburrow Farm in Colfax, Wisconsin. She enjoys creating floral designs for any purpose, from quaint bud-vase arrangements for the window sill to full-service wedding design. Bonnie believes there are no limits to flower power and her only rules are “let creativity in” and “know what the plants need to thrive.” The possibilities are endless. Let’s get designing!

Bonnie writes: “I absolutely LOVE designing with plants and flowers and am excited to share some of my tips and techniques for bringing life and beauty into your home in a broader way. My hope is to give you the basic tools for caring for – and propagating – houseplants, as well as ideas for creating deeper relationships with houseplants and the spaces they can accentuate. We’ll cover a lot of ground including some design mechanics, identifying easy-to-grow plants, how to group plants in arrangements, and finish with a potted succulent garden that can be used as a centerpiece or stand-alone statement piece.”

Caring for and Decorating with Houseplants this Winterwith BONNIE WARNDAHL

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6 join Bonnie Warndahl of Winnowburrow Farm in her home (virtually) to learn how to establish, care for, and decorate with some easy-to-grow houseplants; explore creative ways to “garden” indoors.

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