May 14, 2019 – By Laura Phoenix, Executive Director

Warm greetings from Farm Table Foundation! I am delighted that we have arrived in the season of patio dining, garden strolling, and harvesting spring’s bounty from local farms. In a world lacking in predictability, it’s deeply reassuring that spring follows winter, and summer is claiming its rightful place.

I have the pleasure of serving as Farm Table Foundation’s Executive Director. In my previous role, I managed the business of Girl Scouts in ninety countries. I’ve traveled to more than twenty nations and met people from around the world. The macro-view of our Earth is a fascinating one and a wonderful experience to have had. Zooming in far closer, as I’ve been able to do at Farm Table Foundation, I have the gratification of being able to move toward understanding and impacting one place, in depth.

Farm Table’s mission, to grow a local food culture, matters to many people, for many reasons. It matters to me as an earthling, an ecofeminist, a mother of two children, a foodie, and an outdoors enthusiast. All of my identities are enriched by Farm Table’s work. Finding work where one’s professional skills and personal values are strengthened by the other is truly a dream come true.

Summer is such a tasty time at Farm Table! I am eager to enjoy a leisurely Saturday brunch on the patio with my family and our dog. (Did you know that Farm Table loves dogs and invites you to dine outside with them? Our servers will bring Spot a dish of water while you sip a beer.) My favorite breakfast menu items are the veggie hash, biscuit sandwich (try it with onion jam), our baker’s perfect quiche with a side salad, and our signature Bloody Mary.

The percentage of local produce and proteins served at Farm Table soars to upwards of 80 percent in the summer months. While we are busy serving all the local produce we can, behind the scenes we are preserving the harvest for the next several seasons. At any given time, you’ll find our kitchen and preservation team putting up beets, making pesto from ramps, canning tomatoes, or freezing corn.

Our classes celebrate the summer too by bringing folks outdoors to concerts in the barn. This year we’re proud to bring Rogue Valley and Ellis to the pastoral Hungry Turtle Farm. Kick off your summer with Rogue Valley (on June 1) and celebrate solstice with Ellis (on June 22). We’ll couple great music with farm-fresh food and local beer. Our classes, like seed saving, reflect the season as well.

I look forward to seeing you in the dining room and classroom this summer. Thanks for supporting our mission as an eater, learner, contributor, and friend. Cheers to a great season!