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Farm table is a nonprofit dedicated to environmental health and delicious, highly nutritious foods.
We purchase from sustainable farms. During the growing season we buy up to 80% from growers within 50 miles. Why? Because they work to restore soil health, protect groundwater, and manage livestock humanely.
Thank you for partnering with us to build local food culture. 

Our Mission

Farm Table Foundation is a nonprofit organization that partners with local community and sustainable farms to grow local food culture through education, research, and training. 

June 9th, 6:00-7:00 PM presentation: Native Plants for home and lakeshore

Farm Table is proud to host a presentation and Q&A session by Peter Henry about the beauty and environmental benefits of native plants for landscapes and wetlands. Henry is co-founder of Farm Table Foundation and current owner of Dragonfly Nursery, which specializes in plants native to the Upper Midwest. This talk is the first of four in a series called Nurturing Nature, organized and sponsored by the Northwest Alliance Community Foundation.

Attendees are welcome to make dinner reservations for before or after this event. Farm Table Restaurant will be open to 8:00 PM that evening.

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Building Community—treating all with respect and compassion, remembering we all share this place, and knowing that community includes the land, air, water, and creatures with whom we share our home


Teaching Craft—focusing particularly on local foods and the craft of growing, preparing, preserving, and serving delicious food from healthy ingredients.


Supporting Conservation—restoring the land through agriculture that builds healthy soil, protects water and wetlands, and supports habitat for a diversity of life.


Growing Local Food Culture—connecting the heritage of our grandparents with today’s best agricultural practices and traditional foodways to grow our community’s support of a local food economy.