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9 AM–3 PM Brunch + lunch


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Seasonal Menus

Mother's day Brunch

Sunday, May 9, 9 AM–3 PM
Reservations: 715.268.4500 


Saturday + Sunday, 9 AM–3 PM 

Libations + Beverages

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Call 715.268.4500 for reservations.

WALLEYE FINGERS DINNER: Tender walleye in house-made batter served with tartar sauce, lemon, & chips. Upgrade to fries, seasonal salad, or soup.
SEASONAL NOURISH BOWL: Pesto cous cous, smokey carrot dip, roasted & dressed carrots & herbs, cashew crunch, pickled onion, & protein of choice: smoked chicken, sugar-cured salmon, or falafel ball.

Farm Table Restaurant

Farm Table Restaurant, located in downtown Amery, works to bring local farm produce and proteins direct to consumers. As the tangible output of farmers who build soil health and respond to each season, Farm Table offers a unique experience on each plate — every day, week and month. Our menu is the living expression of an incipient food culture — from Cosmic Wheel Cheese to Blackbrook baby spinach to Chickadee Hills Farm pork. We work with what comes in off the land, knowing it is grown here, in living soil, true to the season, and that we all benefit when a community can feed itself well. Visit us soon and learn more about how soil, seasonality and craft cooking make a difference. And cheers on that.

Farm Table's Commitment to Local Food

Delicious and healthy food comes from living, well-mineralized soil. Farm Table purchases from small farms that utilize sound ecological practices, including USDA Organic certification whenever possible. We do not serve food from genetically modified seed (GMOs). Our selection criteria prioritizes local and organic food first; small regional organic farms second; distant organic food third. We aspire to a menu that is free from industrial chemicals, rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, sourced fresh from local farms, bearing the USDA Organic label. Farm Table Restaurant is working toward a sourcing system that purchases 70% or more of its ingredients locally during peak season. We also preserve produce in summer, pickling and freezing, for use as winter menu items. Local farms keep traditional storage crops — cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions and winter squash — cellared, helping Farm Table pursue it’s goal of serving local foods all year round.

Living the Dream Farm - Clayton, WI

pastured duck eggs, pastured
chicken & goose, veggies

Good Turn Farm - Stockholm, WI

herbs & veggies

Bull Brook Keep
Clear Lake, WI

grass-fed & grass-finished beef

Earthsong Orchard Farm
Osceola, WI


Bifrost Farm
Boyceville, WI

goat cheese

White Pine Berry
River Falls, WI

raspberries, golden raspberries, winter squash, & blueberries

Piney Hill Farms
Glenwood City, WI

pumpkins & veggies

Whetstone Farm
Amery, WI

grass-fed lamb & mutton, veggies

Blackbrook Farm
Amery, WI

CSA shares & veggies

Freedom Range Farm
Barron, WI

beef, pork, & eggs

Cylon Rolling Acres
Deer Park, WI


Red Clover Herbal Apothecary Farm
Amery, WI

herbal medicine

Bodin Fisheries
Bayfield, WI

lake trout, white fish, & herring

Chickadee Hills Homestead
Spooner, WI

heritage pork
Support Local Farms and Local CommunityWe need your support now more than ever!
giveBIG!In a year in which the resiliency and importance of local food has become even more clear, support Farm Table and support local farmers. Thanks to a generous matching grant, your gift will be doubled this year!
We’re open Thursday–Sunday for dine-in, takeout, take + bake, grab + go, and shopping. Reservations are recommended, 715.268.4500. All our programming is online.View our MENUS Here