Saturday, September 25 | 6–9 PM

ROGUE VALLEY returns! The barn is a magical place to hear music and we’ll be serving local food and drink! 

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Farm Table Foundation grows local food culture through education, research, and training. 

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Soft Pretzels & Homeade Mustard–Make your own!

September 30, 6:30 PM | $35
Farm Table Foundation

It’s Oktoberfest–the perfect time to make your own (shape your own!) PRETZELS! Dipped and baked, warm out of the oven, pretzels are absolutely the best. Terry will also demonstrate a homemade mustard, and an Obatzda (cheese sauce) that perfectly complement the pretzels. Taste it all, along with some sausage bites and local beer!

October 19, 6:30 PM | $35
Farm Table Foundation

Virtually every culture has a clay-pot cooking tradition. Clay is used throughout the world because its cooking qualities cannot be replicated with metal cookware. Clay cookware heats up more slowly and more evenly than metal, and it holds and distributes heat more diffusely. It’s ideal for simmered soups & curries, for braises or tender baked meats, and more!


LUNCH & LEARN: Homeade Ravioli & Spiced Chevon

October 15, 11:30 AM | $30
Farm Table Foundation

Join us for the return of Lunch and Learn! Terry will honor the month of “Goatober,” when we highlight the deliciousness of all things goat! We’ll learn how to make ravioli—stuffed with tender braised spiced chevon (goat meat) along with chopped spinach and ricotta cheese (ravioli stuffed with just spinach and cheese for a vegetarian option). 


Building Community—treating all with respect and compassion, remembering we all share this place, and knowing that community includes the land, air, water, and creatures with whom we share our home


Teaching Craft—focusing particularly on local foods and the craft of growing, preparing, preserving, and serving delicious food from healthy ingredients.


Supporting Conservation—restoring the land through agriculture that builds healthy soil, protects water and wetlands, and supports habitat for a diversity of life.


Growing Local Food Culture—connecting the heritage of our grandparents with today’s best agricultural practices and traditional foodways to grow our community’s support of a local food economy.