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From Sylvia's Farmhouse Kitchen: Cooking in Clay

March 30, 6:30 PM | $25

Learn how to use clay pots for cooking vegetables, beans, meats, and desserts, and for baking crusty artisan loaves!

Herbal Allies for These Times

May 11, 6:30 PM | $20-$30, via Zoom

Join herbalist and farmer Nancy Graden to learn all about health-supporting herbs.

From Sylvia's Farmhouse Kitchen: InstantPot & Stove-top Pressure Cooking

May 18, 6:30 PM | $25, via Zoom

This class will help you make the most of cooking with a pressure cooker!

Featured Artist

Earl Duckett

About 30 years ago, I was sitting under a tree, in the spring, hunting turkeys. The sun was just breaking the horizon and the turkeys were gobbling like crazy. Five toms came across a field and up the hill toward me. They were all lined up in full strut as they displayed in front of my decoy. What an incredible sight.

It was at that moment that I decided I had to find a way of showing my friends and family what I was experiencing when I went out in the woods and wild places. I could describe to everyone what I saw in that field, but a good photograph would communicate better than any words. That special moment started my quest to learn and understand how to capture scenes like that on film.

My photos all have their own story; I can remember the places and feelings I had as though I was back in that time and place. Through my photographs, I try to find a way to share those special times with others who have similar interests.

I think the best time to work is around the edges of light. Although I enjoy working in the evening, spending the last hours of the day shooting, my favorite time is the pre-dawn. I love that sense of the world waking up around me. There is something special about the early morning cry of an eagle, the trumpet of a swan, or the call of the wild turkey.


Chickadee in Tree

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Farm Table Foundation strives to partner with community, friends near and far, and sustainable farmers to help build our local food culture. This means cooking and serving some of the finest tasting dishes created with the best ingredients from local sustainable farms. It also means working to encourage local farmers to continue in their efforts to implement regenerative practices that restore soil health, protect groundwater and provide humane animal management.

 Farming and food preparation/preservation are at the very core of what makes human cultures unique. Farm Table is eager and grateful to be part of this ancient adventure. We hope to see you soon in Amery so you can be a part of making local food both timeless and contemporary.

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Our purpose is to rekindle and restore connections among people, farmers, local food, and the land.

Local food, local farmers—resilient in times of disruption—healthy for you, healthy for the land.

Farm Table Foundation holds these values dear: how we farm matters, connecting with local producers creates joy and meaning, eating fresh food brings nutrition and health, learning keeps us engaged, and all of this fosters community, contributes to ecological health, and supports a resilient local economy.

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