What We Need is Here

March 24, 2020 – by Laura Phoenix, Farm Table’s Executive Director

Lucia, Virginia, Rosebud, Laura, and Hance

My greetings to you are optimistic, brief, and, you will note, avoid any mention of “hand sanitizer.”

The global disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic illustrate the many vulnerabilities in our current farming and food systems. Farmers – already dealing with climate change – are further stretched by unstable markets and access to labor. These vulnerabilities are intensified under COVID-19.

On the other hand, and here’s where I share with you my very optimistic sentiments, consider the local food movement. It’s community-based and provides healthy food that communities need to be resilient in times of disruption. It’s inherently optimistic, purporting that “what we need is here” (Wendell Berry), and that the interdependent food web in which we all participate will balance itself and provide.

Imagine the dolphins returning to the canals of Venice. See the clouds of CO2 dissipating over China. Help create a landscape ripe with diverse farms able to support a family. We have an unprecedented opportunity to reset our systems, our ways of work, our thinking, our relationships, in favor of a more resilient, just, food system. We know you’re just the community to do that with; we will continue to reach out with updates and opportunities to connect and advance our common vision.

In solidarity, Laura Phoenix on behalf of the Farm Table Foundation team